Thursday, May 25, 2006

Value Packs - The piecemeal delivery of Duet

SAP announced the delivery of forthcoming value packs on Duet. And they were received enthusiastically. Or so they said.

Why do I find that so difficult to believe?

How can any customer be enthusiastic when the money that he pays for something (Office connectivity to SAP) is paid upfront, while the value is delivered in future via scheduled value packs?

More importantly, how can a customer in this time and age be enthusiastic when he is given no tools to build his own links to MS Office? Isnt this an age of web services and build-and-deploy-your- own technology, and when power-to-the-developer is critical for any purchase decision?

Folks, anyone who is evaluating Duet for implementation in their companies - take a hard look. There is plenty that is not told to you!

- Sangeeta

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Tom Sisoian said...

does anyone have direct experience with Duet licensing and whether SAP additionally charges an indirect access fee for Duet users?