Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Evolve Ads of Microsoft

Here is one of the Evolve ads of Microsoft I spoke about in my last post. They are, ummmm, rude.

Rude to people who do not bite the carrot for the unnecesarry upgrade. People who do not want to shell out more money to keep on doing the same stuff.

Calling your own customers dinosaurs - how can that be nice ? Looks like customers need to be called filthy dirty names, complete with pre-historic pictures to jolt them into upgrading to the new versions. Microsoft sounds desperate. For more rudeness, check out the Evolve flash movie from the Microsoft site.

The recent people ready ad, though completely inane, is at least not humilating.

And SAP agrees to be a party to this kick-butt way of selling things, and wants to sing Duets about it? Why should it?


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