Monday, January 29, 2007

Odd, A lone customer testimonial...

I recently read this article by Bruce Richardson of AMR Research, on how Duet is considered as one of the potent weapons to grow the SAP business by Team SAP.

The revenue potential for Duet, or applications that extend the context of the desktop applications to ERP applications is large. Specially on existing accounts. And yet, yet, there is only one customer, out the 300,000 licenses sold from 200,00o customer interactions, that has chosen to come out and talk about it.

Why this reticence from customers? After two years of the announcements and significant customer interest displayed during the launch time - and all this while customers keep asking for more desktop integration, there is just ONE lone customer who decides to speak about Duet publicly?

Odd. Distinctly odd.

In my opinion, these would be the top reasons for the customer silence:

1. The current Duet scenarios are too simple - and do not really deliver much. So, at this time, there is'nt anything to talk about.
2. In absence of development tools, the potential of desktop integration is not really well understood or realized
3. CIOs are yet to find the exact ROI for desktop integration. Sure, it improves the life of Information Worker. But how much? How many hours are saved? Does it reduce the number of steps a process takes?
4. No one has gone "live" on Duet yet. Maybe it is early days yet.

Maybe there is more to this silence. Any other opinion, anyone?


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